Workshops & Talks

I’m proud to announce that I have been asked by the Manitoba Craft Council to give a talk on my work with local materials as a part of their Eco-Craft Talk Series. If you can’t make it for the YouTube live presentation it will be permanently available on the MCC YouTube Chanel. This 45 minute talk will go over the basics of how I source, harvest, process and fire the natural materials that make my pots. If you’ve ever met me at a market or followed along with my Instagram you know that I love to talk about pots, process and how this can inform our ideas around sustainability.

Hope you can join in, follow the link!

May 1st, 2022
618 Arlington Street, Winnipeg, MB
Cost $225

This workshop will cover sourcing, harvesting and processing local ceramic materials.  This workshop is open to all skill levels but a working understanding of ceramics is recommended.

You will learn:

-to use geological maps to find clay and glaze materials. Bedrock and surficial maps will be covered.

-how to identify various clay/ash/rock materials when in the field.

-the basics of clay and glaze chemistry.

-processing techniques suitable to different types of natural materials.

-different approaches to testing. Line and bi-axial blends, porosity testing, shrinkage, volumetric blending, and much more.

Participants are encouraged to bring local clay and wood ashes for testing (if you don’t have any of your own materials some will be provided) and will take home tests ready for firing. An extensive workshop guide will be provided that covers all information in the course for participants to take home. With the knowledge acquired from this workshop participants will be able to confidently locate and test their own clay and glaze materials for use in their pottery.

This workshop is only open to six participants, this small group size will allow for more individualized learning.

To register please email